Wednesday, June 28, 2006


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Digable Planets "Graffiti" - Blowout Comb

Monday, June 26, 2006

The Sun God

Common to headline CSUN's Big Show 6.

DJ Hi-Tek f/ Common & Vinia Mojica "The Sun God" - Hi-Teknology

Friday, June 23, 2006

Food For Funk

hip hop chocol8?

Garth Trinidad, eat your heart out!

Common "Food For Funk" - One Day It'll All Make Sense

UPDATE (06-25-06) ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Yo thats dope bro.! I'm totally humbled. And yea you can totally place an order with me. There are more pics on my page.

take a look has prices to...I can ship just about anywhere in the US.

I like the bit about B+ and Mochilla...Those are the Homies. Coleman and B... Where do you Dj @?


Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Documentary

Photographer Brian Cross is hip hop. The images that flow from his camera onto the album covers of your favorite DJs & MCs are as timeless as the records contained within them: Endtroducing..., Black on Both Sides, Quality Control, Expansion Team, The Craft. If he's not on the cover, he's blowin' up the sleeve. Start looking at those liner notes for B+.

In 2002, B+ had the simple idea of bringing together some of the most revered and notable session drummers from Los Angeles for a photo shoot, and to speak on their famous recordings (at least to the hip hop community) that we’ve sampled, treasured, and contest endlessly.

James Gadson, Paul Humphrey, Earl Palmer, and Roy Porter were thrilled about the prospect of getting together to discuss old times, old friends, and the business. Unfortunately, hip hop's fascination for those "legendary" sessions was beyond the reach of the musicians' memories. Most of the records B+ and crew were excited to talk about were not commercial successes. Factor in that most of these guys recorded an album a week for years on end and it's not hard to see how their memory becomes an elusive fish.

Lucky for us, DJs Babu, J-Rocc, and Cut Chemist are fishermen of the elusive (similarly, they're artists from the City of Angels). The puzzled smiles of the drummers speak multitudes on the perceived gap that exists between the musicians of today and their forefathers. However, lest we forget, these men were progressive risk takers in their respective professions and a few turntables weren’t going to get in the way of a good conversation.

So without further ado, B+'s Keepintime: A Live Recording

For more B+ photography see his photo essay "Like A Wheel". Stay tuned for Brasilintime!

The Game "The Documentary" - The Documentary

Monday, June 19, 2006

Old School

So Wrong They're Right chronicles a 10,000 mile journey around the U.S. in search of "trackers" – fanatical collectors of 8-track tapes, those funky clunky pre-recorded plastic cartridges from the 70s. Directors Russ Forster and Dan Sutherland capture over 20 interviews, brimming with reminiscences, rants, political diatribes, fantasies, fix-it tips, sales pitches, and everything else that defines the skeptical yet inquisitive mind of the 8-track enthusiast. More than a film about pop-music nostalgia, it serves as a statement of outrage from a population of consumers who are tired of being told what to consume.

Danger Doom f/ Talib Kweli "Old School" - The Mouse and the Mask

Friday, June 09, 2006

Years In The Making

Stones Throw Records celebrates 10 Years as a staff, record label, and as a crew!

FREE in-store with FREE booze at Turntable Lab Los Angeles.

Dilated Peoples "Years In The Making" - The Platform