Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hands On Experience Pt. II

A Rock, Paper, & Scissors Championship?

What... they have a league?

Eat your heart out AGWC!

**"Hands On Experience Pt. II" contains a sample of "Rock, Paper, Scissors Championship" originally written by ROCau.**

The High & Mighty f/ Kool Keith, What? What?, & Bobbito Garcia "Hands On Experience Pt. II" - Home Field Advantage


SP said...

Having been 'useless' for a while, I thought I had reached a level of boredom that resulted in activities I'm not necessarily proud of engaging in... I won't indulge you, for your sanity, trust me... Having read about the RPS Championship, I now feel better... thanks Bozo.

DJ Bozo said...

no problemo!

Brian said...

i remember reading something rock, paper, scissors, and that's why i mentioned something about RPS and J5. funny shit!