Friday, November 10, 2006

Premier & The Guru

DJ Bozo's Full Clip: A Tribute to Gang Starr

1. Gang Starr "New York Strait Talk" - Moment of Truth
2. Gang Starr "JFK 2 LAX" - Moment of Truth
3. Gang Starr "Gotch U" - No More Mr. Nice Guy
4. Gang Starr "Comin' For Datazz" - Hard to Earn
5. Gang Starr "Skillz" - The Ownerz
6. Gang Starr "Brainstorm" - Hard to Earn
7. Gang Starr "The Planet" - Hard to Earn
8. Gang Starr "2 Steps Ahead" - No More Mr. Nice Guy
9. Gang Starr "The Rep Grows Bigga" - Moment of Truth
10. Gang Starr "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" - Step in the Arena
11. Gang Starr "Aiiight Chill..." - Hard to Earn
12. Gang Starr "ALONGWAYTOGO" - Hard to Earn
13. Gang Starr "Zonin'" - The Ownerz
14. Gang Starr "Beyond Comprehension" - Step in the Arena
15. Gang Starr "Hardcore Composer" - Daily Operation
16. Gang Starr "Jazz Music" - No More Mr. Nice Guy
17. Gang Starr "Conspiracy" - Daily Operation
18. Gang Starr "Positivity (RMX)" - No More Mr. Nice Guy
19. Gang Starr "Moment of Truth" - Moment of Truth
20. Gang Starr "My Advice 2 You" - Moment of Truth
21. Gang Starr "In Memory of..." - Moment of Truth

Gang Starr "Premier & The Guru" - No More Mr. Nice Guy


Brian said...

hmm ... interesting ...

someone asked me a couple days ago, what my five favorite songs are. i basically responded with "umm ... are you kidding? i couldn't even tell you what my five favorite gang starr songs are."

though i'm pretty sure missed at least two of my possible top five.

DJ Bozo said...

Which 2 would you have added? I basically compiled the list and tried to choose songs that weren't already on Full Clip. "Mass Appeal" (which would have been on the list otherwise) is quite simply (maybe!) my favorite hip hop track of all time!

Stanley said...

Can you burn me a copy of this mix? =)

Brian said...

ahh ... didn't realize you were trying to pick songs that weren't on full clip. but even if that's the case, you still missed check the technique. i LOVE the production on that track.