Thursday, November 06, 2008


Wu-Tang Clan f/ Cappadonna "Triumph" - Wu-Tang Forever


Anonymous said...

Dilated's Rework the Angles

Brian said...

this is a tough one. wu-tang's triumph is definitely up there, but i think i'd have to go with hiero's you never knew.

i think that song gets the nod from me cause i saw them live once. the place was having technical difficulties and they only had one mic. seeing them rock that song, passings the mic seamlessly between verses was amazing.

others i'd toss in the running:

crown city rockers - bboy remix ft. chali 2na, zion i, planet asia, and mystic

tupac - got my mind made up ft. method man, redman, kurrupt and daz

the coup - my favorite mutiny ft black thought and talib kweli

... just to name a few.

i started a posse cuts playlist awhile back with tracks like these.

HowFresh said...

To be a posse cut wouldn't the track have to include different artists and not the collective with which they are a group? Wu Tang is their own group, and the same goes for Hiero. I agree that said tracks are dope, especially You Never Knew, but they are just dope records from a dope group.

The next question is how many artists constitute a posse cut? 3, 4? Some of my favorites are:

The Symphony- Juice Crew
Nice & Smooth- Down the Line
Lord Finesse- Show Em How We do Things
Heavy D- A Buncha Niggas
Diamond D- You Can't Front
D&D All Stars- 1,2 Pass It
Don't Curse- Heavy D, Kane, G Rap, Puba, Q Tip, Pete Rock

There are so many dope joints out there. It's late and my brain isn't working that well.

DJ Bozo said...

You're right HowFresh... didn't think to see it that way. Wu-Tang and Hiero are their own group.

For arguments sake, let's say a posse cut consists of 4 MC's or more.

I completely forgot about "Down The Line" - nice call!

How 'bout:
Dilated Peoples ft. Defari, Phil da Agony, & Planet Asia "Closed Session"
Kanye West ft. Talib Kweli, Q-Tip, Common & Rhymefest "We Can Make It Better"

HowFresh said...

It's one of those questions that you need time to sit down and think. There are a lot of dope joints out there. Also would a posse cut from a Pete Rock album where the purpose of the album was to get a bunch of different artists count? I'm not saying yes or no. Probably yes. Just a thought.

Other bangers:

Represent- Show & AG ft. Big L & Deshawn

Buddy- De La and Native Tongues

Headbanger- EPMD ft. K-Solo & Redman

Step Into Da Cipher- Brand Nubian, Snagglepuss and others

Black Moon- U Da Man ft. Prodigy, Big Dru Ha

Self Destruction

Leflaur Lafah Eshkoshka- Heltah Skeltah & OGC

4 My Peeps- Red Hot Lover Tone ft. BIG, MOP, Organized Konfusion

That's all I got for now.

DJ Bozo said...

I'd say yes - The Frankie Cutlass album Politics & Bullshit is 80% posse cuts!

Brian, you got any more from your playlist?