Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Making Progress

"As I embark on life's journey from the point where I'm at,
Peace to everybody striving to live right and exact,
Even though anxieties try to pull you down,
See your troubles as a blessing and you're homeward bound,
Everybody gotta struggle, that's the way of the world,
Can't develop biceps if you don't do curls,
Can't achieve a garden if you never water your crops,
If you never paid your dues, then you don't get props,
Couldn't eat a proper meal without cooking it first,
Can't receive a paycheck if you don't do work,
If it wasn't for the rain, then the trees won't grow,
When the spring came around what a sight to bestow,
When you face adversities dark clouds won't last,
If you never study, how do you expect to pass?
The grasshoppers laid around while the ants did chores,
When the winter came around, he was left outdoors,
See the cycle keeps moving like a big machine,
Evolution of the mind, soul, body, and being,
God'll never put upon you more than you can take,
Sometimes you even gotta learn from other people's mistakes,
So head on black people got to meet the task,
Educate, keep learning, gotta question, ask,
And let your light keep shining and remember the past!"

-The Gift of Gab

Blackalicious "Making Progress" - A2G

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