Monday, July 14, 2008

Somethin' That Means Somethin'

With 283 images and counting, Rock Band Logos - Brand Upon The Brain offers clever insight and info on many of the logos of your favorite recording artists.

There isn't much in the way of hip hop, but logos by Hieroglyphics, Public Enemy, Cut Chemist, Jurassic 5, Cypress Hill, The World Famous Beat Junkies, and Onyx all made the cut.

The Pharcyde "Somethin' That Means Somethin' - Labcabincalifornia


Brian said...

sweet ... bookmarked for later.

people always used to be like, what is that to my heiro or dilated shirts.

archana and i were reading in our garden on sunday, when some old lady came up to us (our place is FULL of old people) and was like, what's N-A-S? (i was wearing my nas shirt). i told her that it was a name of a rapper. her reaction, "that's just silly" then walked away.

DJ Bozo said...

LOL! - You should've told her, "And of course N-A-S are the letters that spell, Nas... Nas... Nas"