Thursday, July 17, 2008

Supreme Supreme

"Mos Def has all the skills an emcee needs to have and uses them to perfection. This album exemplifies his writing, his flow, his schemes, his concepts, his topics, his ear for beats, and his intellect. It should also be noted that the multi-talented Def also played many of the instruments featured on tracks and co-produced a handful."

Sean Deez, over at, reviews Mos Def's CLASSIC album, Black on Both Sides.

Is it this generation's Illmatic?

Talib Kweli f/ Mos Def "Supreme Supreme" - Right About Now


Brian said...

i still don't think i can find my copy of this album. d'oh

DJ Bozo said...

WHAT?!!!??! Think it's about time you head over to Fat Beats!

terence said...

MOS DEFinitely!